Thoughts About Creating Art

Thoughts about creating anything:

1.) When writing, write a one liner. When painting, paint with one stroke. When creating, create one thing for one purpose. Avoid the multipurpose thingy at all costs. Multipurpose is a sales trick, not a creative advantage.

2.) Grip the earth with your toes and accept the whole mess under your feet, then make it spin with every dash of color swirling from your multidimensional imagination.

3.) I don’t mind looking silly for a moment if something I’m involved with has the potential to help people see beyond the programming.

4.) If unhappy / uninspired / blocked for many days in a row, it is only because you have somehow walled yourself off from the true potentials of life. Like a stone trapped in a tumbler, dark and ruminating. When that compartment is ripped apart due to the sudden appearance of hidden love revealed or the grace of a beautiful cloud or tree waving in the wind, you remember again what is real. This is why everyone looks for beauty . . . it calms and awakens after days trough the grinder. The trick is to see that it is one continuum. There is no up without a down.

5.) With the one continuum mentality, there is never really a stuck position, just a movement through various kinds of friction. This friction is good. This friction is what makes good art good. Good art shows the result of the artist going through the friction and coming out on the other side. The beauty is reward for a completed search of the artists own being. There is no other way but to cross the stream when the time is right.





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